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About Him

Grew Up... in the Bronx. Mac was born and raised in the northern-most borough of New York City. Growing up on the tough streets is what inspired him to travel the city looking for a boxing teacher.

Living... in New York City. Mac trains all the time in New York with his trusted, chocolate-loving mentor Jerome “Doc” Louis. Whether it’s practicing the Doc’s trademark Star Punch or jogging past the Statue of Liberty in a pink hoodie, Mac is always trying to get stronger. As he says, “Come on, Doc. Teach me more!”

Profession... boxer. After working his way up the ranks, Mac became a fighter in the World Video Boxing Association, or WVBA, which is where his real fight begins.

Interests… beating the odds. They don’t call him Little Mac for nothing. At 4’8” Mac is shorter than average people, let alone athletic boxers. But he won’t let that stop him from proving his worth. It just makes him work that much harder. 

Relationship Status... single. Mac devotes so much time to his training it seems to have left him with little room for love. But he’s still pretty young, just 17 years old, and one can only imagine being a boxing champion doesn’t hurt your chances with the ladies.

Challenge... becoming the champ. Mac’s goal is to be the undisputed WVBA champion. But to do that he’ll have to fight his way through countless colorful opponents way above his weight class, like Glass Joe, King Hippo, Bald Bull, and even the great Mike Tyson.                                            

Personality... scrappy. Never tell Mac his chances, especially if you think they aren’t good. No matter how much bigger or stronger his opponents are than him, he’ll never quit or back down. Even when on the verge of being knocked out, Mac finds the strength to stand up and punch back harder, faster, and smarter.   

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