Klaus Heissler
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Klaus Heissler

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About Him

Grew up… in communist East Germany. Klaus used to be a human, a famous East German ski jumper, in fact. Though things changed drastically when, in order to prevent the GDR from taking home another Winter Olympic medal, the CIA transferred Klaus’s brain to the body of a goldfish. 

Living… in a fishbowl. Stan Smith, a CIA agent from Langley Falls, Virginia, adopted the talking goldfish and took him into his home. Now, Klaus is practically a part of the family.

Interests… Scrubs, Beauty and the Beast and napping.

Relationship Status… single, but unbearably attracted to Francine. Klaus nurses an intense crush on his human host, Stan’s wife, Francine. He’d do anything to leave the confines of his fishbowl and show her his gills.

Challenge… competing with his rival, Roger. Klaus has a perennial beef with the Smith family’s other exotic “pet” – Roger, the alien. Klaus enjoys nothing more than humiliating Roger. Indeed, this fish has a bit of a schadenfreudic impulse, delighting in the misfortune of others. “I’m German,” he says, “it’s what I do.” 

Personality… wise, wistful, and sadistic. While Klaus regards himself as somewhat of a sage, he’s not always the benign fish that he appears to be. Underneath it all, Klaus has held onto his often dark East German instincts.

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