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Jill Valentine

Resident Evil Series

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About Her

Grew up... in Raccoon City. Jill Valentine was born to a French father and Japanese mother. She was once a member of Special Tactics and Rescue Service, or S.T.A.R.S., a special ops force based out of Raccoon City. They were soon put to the test when their investigation of the mysterious Spencer Mansion kicked off a full-scale zombie outbreak. 

Living... in virus-infested cities. Following the Raccoon City incident, Jill has traveled to many parts of the world with zombie problems of their own like Russia, Africa, and even abandoned luxury cruise ships.

Profession... BSAA agent. With the support of the United Nations and global pharmaceutical companies, Jill co-founded the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, or the BSAA. This group is dedicated to ending the threat of Bio Organic Weapons, or B.O.W.s.

Interests… lock picking. Jill’s lock picking skills are so legendary, she’s even earned the semi-ironic nickname “the master of unlocking.”

Relationship Status... single. Jill may be single, but she has close bonds with her various teammates like Carlos Oliveira and Parker Luciani. However, her strongest bond is with her original partner, Chris Redfield.

Challenge... wiping out bio-terror. Jill’s goal is to keep the world safe from zombies, monsters, and other B.O.W.s typically created by the evil Umbrella Corporation. As she says, “The end of Umbrella is just a question of time.”

Personality... cool under pressure. Jill’s been through a lot. She has survived zombie apocalypses and brainwashing. She’s solved numerous global conspiracies, and she’s even taken down a virtually unstoppable monster, Nemesis, solely designed to hunt and destroy her. She accomplishes all this by managing to keep her composure even during the most stressful, nightmarish scenarios imaginable. 

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