Harry Osborn

Harry Osborn

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Manhattan with his wealthy and brilliant father. Norman Osborn is the owner of Oscorp Industries, a multibillion-dollar corporation that is constantly pushing boundaries in the science and medicine fields. Harry's mother died not too long after his birth and Norman became extremely distant and driven in his work.

Living… in his father's shadow. While Norman is a perfectionist, Harry has failed out of several private schools before joining public school with his smart yet shy best friend, Peter Parker.

Profession… high school student and heir to Oscorp Industries. Harry is not the most driven person, and lacks direction. He’s slated to take over his father’s company, which is a lot of pressure for someone who’s not sure that life is for him.

Interests… hanging out with his best friend, Peter. On a school field trip to Oscorp, Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider, turning him into Spider-Man. Harry has no idea that his best friend is a budding superhero, which might make their friendship extremely complicated.

Relationship Status… interested in aspiring actress Mary Jane Watson, but his friend Peter also has a thing for her. It’s definitely a strain on their friendship, and it isn’t made any easier by the fact that MJ can’t seem to make up her mind about who she wants to be with.

Challenge… living up to his father’s standards. On the aforementioned field trip, Harry’s father meets Peter and the two instantly bond. Norman has always wanted a smart, motivated son who’s interested in science. Harry is extremely jealous of the attention Peter is getting from his father, and it’s testing Harry’s limits. He would do anything to make his father proud, but that’s a hard task to accomplish when your dad is Norman Osborn. 

Personality… jealous, privileged, unmotivated. Although Harry values his friendship with Peter, he is still selfish and doesn’t like the attention MJ and his father give to Peter. It's pretty clear that Norman wishes that Peter was his son instead, and Harry deeply resents being overlooked by his father. Harry is flawed and has a chip on his shoulder, but still tries to protect those he cares about, namely his dad and Peter. Harry is constantly battling his darker side and, though he tries, he often fails to do what is right.  


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