Hanna Marin

Hanna Marin

    Pretty Little Liars
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, with her mother, Ashley, and her father, Tom. Hanna’s parents recently split, due in part to Ashley’s long hours and dedication to her job. Tom started dating Isabel shortly after the divorce and basically started a new family with Isabel and her horrid daughter, Kate. Her social life is equally complicated. A little while back Hanna was inseparable from her four best friends Alison, Aria, Spencer, and Emily. Yes, Hanna was about 30 pounds heavier then and was constantly made fun of by Alison, but at least she had friends. Then came Alison’s shocking disappearance and the foursome’s “breakup.” That helped inspire Hanna to shed the pounds, get a makeover, become popular, and start hanging out with Mona, a former nerd who also got a major makeover.

Living… in Rosewood with her mother. Ashley is always busy at work so Hanna basically has the house to herself. Despite the fact that her mother makes a ton of money and Hanna would never want for anything, she adopted many bad habits when she became popular, including shoplifting. Just another secret for someone to expose!

Profession… sophomore at Rosewood Academy and resident Queen Bee. Ever since she lost the weight, Hanna became the popular girl at Rosewood, along with her sidekick and partner-in-crime (sometimes literally), Mona. Due to the fact that Hanna pretty much only cares about boys and being popular, many people thinks she’s vapid and ditsy, but she is actually cunning and witty.

Interests… shopping, makeup, clothes, boys, texting, and shoplifting.

Relationship Status… single, but interested in Sean Ackard. Hanna’s had a major crush on Sean since middle school, which was a source of constant torment from Alison. Now that she’s no longer “Hefty Hanna,” she’s set her sights on finally getting what she’s always wanted. If only Sean wasn’t such a baby about his virginity.

Challenge… keeping her secrets and maintaining her popularity, maybe not in that order. Hanna, along with her friends, has accumulated many secrets. From shoplifting to drugs and alcohol, Hanna’s been playing cover-up since Alison disappeared. As if that weren’t enough, she has to constantly maintain a calm, cool, and collected image, not to mention a glossed and glammed face, to remain Queen Bee.

Personality… snobby, outspoken, and funny. Hanna is rude and standoffish to almost everyone she meets, perhaps because she became so used to seeing the worst in people when she was overweight. But underneath her tough girl façade is a kind, loving, and loyal friend. Hanna is basically never what she seems to be – smart when she seems dumb, kind when she seems rude, rebellious when she just wants and needs love and attention.


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