Dragon Ball

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... on a “remote mountain side” without human contact other than his long deceased adoptive Grandfather. Unknown to both him and his Grandfather, however, Goku was not originally from Earth, but is one of the last members of the near omnipotent species known as Saiyans. That gives Goku a level of power far above any normal human – and a fate of constant adventure and hardship far greater than any could have imagined.

Living... on the road. Or more frequently above the road, as Goku prefers flying towards his destinations on the cloud known as Flying Nimbus. Regardless of his mode of transport, Goku is always headed towards adventure, frequently with a band of loyal companions at his side.

Profession... bodyguard, tournament champion, defender of earth, “ally to good,” “protector of the innocent,” “the light in the darkness,” “hope of the universe,” etc. Goku is very, very good at fighting, and spends most of his time pummeling and being occasionally pummeled by various powerful opponents. However, it’s important to note that he doesn’t fight to cause harm, explaining, “I really don’t like to hurt anybody.”

Interests... fighting and eating. Goku also enjoys simple jokes – especially terrible puns – but really gets his kicks when he is eating a massive amount of food. A fish 10 times his size will only “last until dinner” and simply the thought of food is enough to bring him back from near defeat. Although not having enough food could lead to his defeat just as easily.

Relationship Status... single. Having never even seen a girl for most of his childhood, Goku is too innocent to even think of finding love at the start of his adventures. Still, his pure power and purer heart could be found very attractive, so this could change once he has grown up.

Challenge... doing the right thing all the time. Whether Goku is trying to gather all of the powerful wish-granting artifacts known as Dragon Balls to prevent them from being misused by evil-doers, or protecting planet Earth from powerful alien enemies, Goku is always fighting for good.

Personality... pure of heart, even to an extreme. Goku has difficulty understanding the concept of deception, and is "so innocent that he's adorable." But he makes up for any weaknesses this might cause with a desire to help others, enact justice, and to be a good person that is motivated to overcome any challenge.


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