Star Wars Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… rebuilt by a young boy named Anakin Skywalker. C-3PO spent his early years as a service droid on Tatooine, a desert planet. Programmed mainly to help Anakin’s mother with house work, C-3PO didn’t get to exercise his full range of abilities and knowledge until much later.

Living… with his companion droid R2-D2. C-3PO does most of the communication for both of them. He doesn’t introduce himself as “C-3PO, human-cyborg relations” for nothing. He sure knows how to talk—a lot faster than he can walk, at least. He spends most of his time worrying and winding up as the butt of some slapstick joke, often resulting in his partial dismantling.

Profession… a protocol droid, which basically means his existence is dedicated to working for humans and aliens as a communicator, assistant, and all-around helper. C-3PO is not necessarily the best protocol droid in the tool chest, but he gets the job done, and has a strong personality to boot.

Interests… whatever his master desires. When he starts working for the Rebel Alliance, his “heart” becomes set on victory against the evil Empire. He aids R2-D2 in distributing an important message from Princess Leia, and subsequently aids in the quest to rescue her from the Death Star.

Relationship Status… single. A protocol droid is not designed to fall in love. But he does seem to form lasting emotional connections with friends, especially other non-sentients like R2-D2.

Challenge… avoiding destruction. C-3PO is notoriously delicate, and always seems to end up losing an arm or a leg. Fortunately, he can be patched back together with a few tools and he always seems to luck out when it comes to finding and/or replacing missing parts.

Personality… by-the-book, pretentious, and anxious. Once during a game of dejarik (a holographic chess-like game), at the prospect of having his arms torn out by a sore-loser Wookie, C-3PO said, “Let the Wookie win.” He’d rather sacrifice his integrity than his body. In fairness, he has nearly been destroyed more than enough times to justify such fears. 


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