Dragon Ball

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as the daughter of the founder of the highly successful Capsule Corporation, making her both incredibly wealthy and equally spoiled. Despite this Bulma is able to think for herself, and after finding a mysterious object known as a Dragon Ball in one of the many rooms in her father’s mansion, she was inspired to discover its secrets.

Living... on the road in whatever encapsulated living quarters best suit her needs. Being the heiress to a corporation that allows one to store just about anything in easy-to-carry capsules gives Bulma the ability to maintain her luxurious lifestyle even when on an adventure.

Profession... scientist. Even though only a teenager, Bulma is “no amateur” in creating technological wonders that far make up for her otherwise conspicuous lack of fighting skills in a world that frequently treats her as a damsel in distress.

Interests... scientific discovery, the luxuries of modern living, strawberries, and boys. While Bulma may be a technological genius who enjoys discovering new things, she much prefers the simple pleasures of living in comfortable houses, taking long baths, and thinking about cute boys.

Relationship Status... single, although she’s doing everything she can to change that. Bulma thinks of herself as very attractive, and is willing to use her “feminine charms” to try to persuade others to do what she wants. But this forwardness, along with her tendency to use people, might chase away potential love interests.

Challenge... collecting all seven dragon balls so that she can have her greatest wish granted. However her greatest wish is to have "the most perfect boyfriend who ever lived," so her real challenge might be more along the lines of maturing into someone who can accept people more for who they are rather than who she wants them to be. Fortunately she’ll have plenty of adventures to learn important life lessons from before needing to worry about what to really wish for in life.

Personality... self-centered, manipulative, and a tad spoiled. To be fair, Bulma is a teenage heiress, and hasn’t had the time or the experiences needed to mature into a good person. But her heart is far from pure, as she is more than willing to take advantage of other people’s kindness – or perversion – to get what she wants, yet still call them out on these very flaws she exploits. Still, she certainly isn’t evil, and has a respectably strong will and sense of self.


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