Big Boss

Big Boss

    Metal Gear Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... the Boss’s protégé. Before earning the title of Big Boss, John, or Naked Snake, was the apprentice and surrogate son of The Boss, “The Mother of Special Forces.” However, he was eventually forced to kill her to ease U.S.-Soviet tensions, a traumatic event that he never fully recovered from.

Living... in Outer Heaven. Having become a legendary soldier himself, Big Boss established his own military fortress. Initially known as Militaires Sans Frontières (Soldiers Without Borders), or MSF, it was eventually rechristened Outer Heaven.

Profession... mercenary commander. As leader of Outer Heaven, Big Boss recruits aimless soldiers of fortune from around the world to serve him. The group then offers its services to whomever might be in need of a private army.

Interests… creating a world for soldiers. Being forced to kill The Boss shattered Big Boss’s faith in his country. So he dreams of a world where soldiers are respected and are only loyal to themselves and each other, not pawns of war, nations, economies, or ideologies.

Relationship Status... single. Big Boss did have a romantic encounter with Chinese triple agent Eva during his mission in Russia. Eva would later be used as a surrogate mother for Big Boss’s clone sons Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. 

Challenge... evading the Patriots. While Big Boss pines for a world of military freedom, The Patriots, a shadowy cabal compromised of his former allies, believe that The Boss’s final will was to create a global society where conflict was highly controlled. So Big Boss stays under the radar amassing as much might as he can to one day take on these secret masters of the world.                                                                      

Personality... disillusioned. As he says, “The day I killed The Boss, I was already dead.” And as his life has gone on, Big Boss has only become more bitter toward the increasing corruption and conspiracies around him. But even as his methods grow harsher, he never lets go of that hope for freedom. 


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