Character Recommendations Based on Leonard Hofstadter

Marge Simpson The Simpsons

Mostly happy housewife and subscriber to Sponge and Vacuum Magazine

Mitchell Pritchett Modern Family

Mitchell prefers to have a place for everything and everything in its place

Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother

Hopelessly romantic architect in search of someone to be the mother of his children

Ross Geller Friends

Dinosaur-lover looking for human love, albeit awkwardly

Sideshow Bob The Simpsons

Pretentious and deadly. Hates rakes

Alex Dunphy Modern Family

An overachiever in every sense of the word, Alex's self-reliant intelligence comes with a healthy dash of sarcasm

Robin Scherbatsky How I Met Your Mother

This former teen pop star loves dogs and is scared of relationships

Brian Griffin Family Guy

A wry, sophisticated, struggling writer who also just so happens to be a dog

Marshall Eriksen How I Met Your Mother

A lawyer in love with his fiancée, his friends, and enjoying life

Charlie Bucket Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie may be down-on-his-luck, but his spirits are always sky high