• Star Fox Adventures

    Fox Mccloud takes a break from flying his arwing and signs up for a mission on land, a beautiful, magical land called Dinosaur Planet. Although the player controls Fox for almost the entirety of the game, the first level of Star Fox Adventures involves playing as another fox called Krystal, who speaks another language, from a different planet called Cerinia. Krystal is looking for answers to the destruction of her home planet, and the murder of her parents. She lands on Krazoa Palace after receiving a distress call from Dinosaur Planet, but an unfortunate event occurs during her exploration of this location. Meanwhile, General Pepper contacts the Star Fox Team and asks them to investigate Dinosaur Planet. One of the main reasons for the investigation, is that large chunks of the planet have become detached for an unexplained reason. Fox McCloud agrees to take a look. On the planet's surface, Fox comes across a magical staff that becomes his sole weapon in the game.

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    • 2002
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