• Dragon Age II

    Dragon Age: Origins is the award winning dark heroic fantasy roleplaying game. For centuries, the Grey Wardens'the ancient order of guardians, sworn to unite and defend the lands?have been battling the darkspawn forces. Legend spoke that slaying the Archdemon would have put an end to the darkspawn threat for centuries to come, but somehow they remain. You are the Grey Warden Commander and have been entrusted with the duty of rebuilding the order of Grey Wardens and uncovering the secrets of the darkspawn and how they managed to remain. How you choose to rebuild your order, how you resolve the conflict with "The Architect", and how you determine the fate of the darkspawn will be but some of the many complex choices that await and shape your journey as you venture to the new land of Amaranthine.

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    • 2011
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