• Buzz!: Quiz World

    Buzz!: Quizz World is the ninth game in the Buzz! series of quiz games.It allows users to use question packs purchased for previous Buzz! games as well as supporting user created content and online play. Unlike the previous PSP Buzz!, Buzz: Quiz World (PSP) supports DLC. As with all previous Buzz games the game is available in a game only (Solus) version or in a bundle which includes 4 wireless Buzz! Buzzers and a USB dongle for wireless connectivity (each dongle can connect 4 buzzers to the PlayStation 3). Quiz World features a mix of old and new round types. For example, one new round hides the answers and then slowly reveals them. A new feature in Quiz World is player profiling and the host Buzz addressing the player by name, informing them of their abilities and record as a player.

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    • 2009
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