• Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge

    Do you have racing in your blood and ice in your veins. Konami introduces the only NASCAR endorsed stock car simulation that turns your disk drive into a pit pass to the most authentic racing environment available. Co-designed by Winston Cup Champion Bill Elliott and Distinctive Software- developed or Test Drive and The Duel- this is a test of your mettle and milliseconds on the banked ovals of six official, perfectly scaled NASCAR tracks like Daytona, Talladega, Bristol, Darlington, Michigan and Atlanta. Or the two twisting road courses of Sears Point or Watkins Glen. All with bit map graphics plus a scaling technique, creating graphics so detailed you can actually read the car's make when you go bumper to bumper. On-screen statistics tell you course length, maximum banking and the total number of laps in each race. With this vital data, adapt your car to each unique track by adjusting gear ratio, transmission, spoiler angle and tire stagger. Depending on whether you're racing or qualifying for pole position, you must also decide which type of engine to use. But "dial in" your car carefully. One miscalculation could send you reeling into the wall. When you think you have the right stuff, drop the hammer on NASCAR's finest field of racers- including Bill Elliott himself- in single races or compete for the Cup in the Championship Season.

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    • 1990
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