All One Horse

All One Horse

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All One Horse is a marvel-filled journey through Breyten Breytenbach’s kaleidoscopic imagination. The electrifying colors and penetrating images of his paintings converse with his lyrical and satirical dream-fables. These visions and parables emerge from a mélange of cultures and traditions: African and Eastern thought, the spirit world, and the spheres of visual art, philosophy, history and politics. Breytenbach’s watercolors communicate in hieroglyphs, where private conversation embraces myth and dream. These reflections and images – clear and complex at once – are cries for human dignity and justice, are truth disguised as play. With octopus-like grace, Breytenbach pulls together worlds and watches them dance and struggle together; echoes of Afrikaans haunt his English, the fantastic melds into the quotidian, love glimmers beneath rage, the immediate rises to the universal.


Release DateAug 31, 2008 (US)
Original LanguageEnglish
Author(s)Breyten Breytenbach

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