A Map of the Harbor Islands

A Map of the Harbor Islands

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A Map Of The Harbor Islands is the long-awaited novel from J. G. Hayes, the critically acclaimed bestselling author of This Thing Called Courage and Now Batting for Boston. This book charts the turbulent life courses of two South Boston friends, Danny O'Connor and Petey Harding, from their childhoods through their adult lives. `Golden Boy' Petey has it all going for him - brains, charisma and his close friendship with Danny. Then an accident on the baseball field changes everything. Petey wakes from a coma a different person, completely different from the boy Danny knew and loved. Gone are the old habits, the old joy of baseball, the old way of thinking. Petey is left with a stutter and a new appreciation for life that Danny sometimes just cannot understand. Petey begins to tell stories and make maps - dragging a grudging Danny along. Over the years Danny begins to understand Petey, and slowly, he also begins to learn more about himself. Then Petey confesses that he is gay, which sends Danny on an odyssey he never dreamed could happen. Petey's map is one of hope for Danny and him, to escape the urban ghetto of South Boston. They are two wayfaring friends who swear a love for one another until the very end. A Map Of The Harbor Islands carries the reader on a journey into the beauty of the world, physically and emotionally, along a current of love, friendship, self-growth and redemption.


Release DateJan 31, 2006 (US)
Original LanguageEnglish
Author(s)Patrick Flanery

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