Most Popular Characters

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Darcy Lewis

Razor-sharp scientist studying things that science can't explain

Jeff Winger

Jeff thinks he's too cool for school, which is a problem because he just enrolled in community college

Mike Hannigan

Lawyer-turned-pianist who loves to tap into his kooky side

Call Me by Your Name

A breezily self-assured bachelor with magnetic charms

Kayla Day
Eighth Grade

Externally shy, but internally spirited Gucci!


Although she is underestimated, Lagertha never fails to prove her worth as both a warrior and a mother

Holland March
The Nice Guys

Known to wake up hungover in full bathtubs

The Child
The Mandalorian

A 50-year-old baby on a dangerous mission

David Rose
Schitt's Creek

Neurotic and a firm believer of only black and white clothing

Waylon Smithers
The Simpsons

Would do anything for his boss, and would love to do a few things *to* him