Most Popular Characters

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Nicholas Angel
Hot Fuzz

He's super-dedicated to his job as a police officer. Maybe a little too dedicated

Angel Beats!

"Don't say scary stuff so cutely!"

Waylon Smithers
The Simpsons

Would do anything for his boss, and would love to do a few things *to* him

Kayla Day
Eighth Grade

Externally shy, but internally spirited Gucci!

Call Me by Your Name

A breezily self-assured bachelor with magnetic charms

Amanda Waller
Suicide Squad

An icily efficient leader with a ruthless streak

April Kepner
Grey's Anatomy

A good doctor and a good Christian

Holland March
The Nice Guys

Known to wake up hungover in full bathtubs

Claire Dearing
Jurassic World

In her words, if you are being chased: RUN!

Nyota Uhura
Star Trek

A brilliant linguist with the bravery to take her skills into the field