Angel Beats!

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as the oldest of four children in a well-to-do household, until her three younger siblings were horribly killed in front of her. Yuri was traumatized by this, but also steeled in an anger toward God, whom she blames for the tragedies of her life.

Living... in the afterlife, which for reasons unknown takes the form of a high school where no one can die, but if you follow the school’s rules and live a “normal” life you vanish. These rules are enforced by the enigmatic school body president, whom Yuri has dubbed “Angel.” 

Profession... a “great leader.” Yurippe, as she has been nicknamed by her subordinates, was “the first to fight back” against Angel and the school rules, and was able to convince dozens of others to join her to form the frequently renamed organization currently called the “Not Yet Dead Battlefront.” The Battlefront’s rallying cry is to “exist as long as we resist.”

Interests... after she “lost everything” as a child, and then took it upon herself to lead the Battlefront in the afterlife, Yuri became very focused on achieving tactical objectives rather than fulfilling any personal interests. She may still have some personal desires under her tough exterior, but for now her interests seem to be mostly tactics and weaponry, both of which she excels at.

Relationship Status... single. While she has some admirers amidst the Battlefront, she would likely see any relationships as a waste of time that could be spent fighting.

Challenge... fighting Angel and, ultimately, God. Despite the fact that there is no evidence for God in the afterlife, Yuri is certain he exists, and is enraged at him for creating a world that was “too unfair.” Until she can find God himself to break his rules, Yuri will try to get at him through the student body president, who she is so certain is connected to God that she decided to call her “Angel.”

Personality... hard on the surface, but softer inside.Yuri appears to have a rough and abrasive personality and can seem to lack empathy for her subordinates, who she will call “idiots” and gladly force to make a “noble sacrifice” in battle. This is not Yuri’s true personality, however, or at least not all of it. She is just as resolute as she seems, but she also has self-doubt in her qualifications to lead after failing to protect her siblings. Plus she deeply cares for all of her subordinates – thinking of them more like family than the pawns that she sometimes treats them as.


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