Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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Grew up... in Salzburg, Austria. His father started teaching him about music at an early age. Mozart wrote his first concerto at the age of 4; his first symphony at 7; and a full-scale opera at 12.

Living... in Vienna with his beautiful wife Constanze and their young son.

Profession... composer. Most people love his music, but traditionalists are angry that he takes too much license. The Archbishop even said that Mozart humiliated him with his music. But Mozart thinks the time has come to write operas about someone other than the gods. As he says, “Come on now, be honest! Which one of you wouldn't rather listen to his hairdresser than Hercules? Or Horatius, or Orpheus... people so lofty they sound as if they s--- marble!”

Interests... drinking too much and spending money he doesn't have. Mozart also used to teach music, but no one will hire him anymore. They say he can't be trusted with young girls.

Relationship Status... on the rocks. He loves Constanze, but he is not making her happy. She worries about Mozart and tries to help him, but she gets frustrated that he drinks so much and talks nonsense all the time.

Challenge... paying his bills. So he agreed to write a Mass for the dead for 50 ducats, and another 50 when he finishes. Antonio Salieri approached him to commission the work, but he said he was only the messenger; he wouldn't tell him anything about who is paying him. Salieri said to tell no one about it, so Mozart didn't even mention it to Constanze. Ever since he agreed to write it, Mozart hasn't been sleeping well and has felt ill. He is too young to be so sick.

Personality... free-spirited, rebellious, cocky, and uncaring of what others think. But this doesn't go over too well with some people. The Archbishop called him an unprincipled, spoiled, conceited brat. It is surprising that Mozart is so different from the music he writes, which is quite refined, complex, and serene. 

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