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Will Schuester


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Grew Up… he attended McKinley High, where he met his wife Terri. He was in glee club when it was in its prime, though he wasn’t necessarily a star member like April Rhodes, on whom he confessed having a huge crush.

Living… on 20 Apple Blossom Lane in Lima, Ohio, with his wife. Terri seems to ultimately be a nuisance in Will’s life. She’s manipulative, rude, and often puts him and his dreams down. In his own words: “Every time I light a fire in my life, you find a way to make sure it burns the forest down.” Most of all, she desires money. She’s horribly disappointed when they can’t afford the things that she likes or when Will scolds her for spending money that they don’t have. She’s also suspicious of Will with other women, despite the fact that he’s nothing but a kind and devoted husband.

Profession… Spanish teacher and Glee club instructor at McKinley High. He seems to have new life breathed into him after overseeing the re-launch of the school’s glee club.

Interests… dancing and singing. Though he loves his students and teaching, Will actually wanted to pursue his glee club dreams out of high school and become a professional singer and dancer on Broadway. That obviously didn’t happen. Fortunately, he has a very optimistic attitude: “It’s not too late.”

Relationship Status… married, for better or worse (usually worse). Though it’s clear that he loves Terri, the relationship is often a struggle. Will wants badly to make Terri happy, but that’s not easy to do, or at least not easy for him to do. This manifests itself in him growing closer to Emma Pillsbury, McKinley’s kindly guidance counselor. The two of them clearly have a mutual attraction, which they have done their best to fight. But Emma is a sounding board at a time when Will really needs one.

Challenge… making his dreams work alongside his home life. With the glee club, Will feels like he finally has the opportunity to do what he’s always wanted to do while also fulfilling his passion for teaching. Unfortunately, his responsibility to the glee club often conflicts with his responsibilities to his wife. 

Personality… kind, compassionate, optimistic, and driven. Will is always willing to give people second chances and he always looks on the bright side of things. Unfortunately, this causes him to be easily manipulated by people that he trusts, including his wife. Though he tries to be fair and just with everyone he knows, if he or someone he cares about is betrayed, Will can become ruthless, though usually justifiably so. Overall, any high school student would be lucky to have a caring teacher like “Mr. Schue.”

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