Will Scarlet
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Will Scarlet

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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About Him

Grew Up… without a father. Due to his half-brother's protests, Will’s noble father was forced to abandon Will and his peasant mother. Left to grow up destitute and bitter, Will quickly turned to theft to keep fed and clothed.

Living… in Sherwood Forest. With a band of merry outlaws, Will helps haunt the forest, not letting anyone – including Robin Hood – cross the river without paying a “tax.” The band is technically led by John Little, a burly man whose name belies his size. But Will is perhaps the most forceful and testy of the outlaws, defending the forest with pride and gleefully taxing the noble Robin while yelling at him to, “beg for mercy, rich man!” Even after they end up living and fighting together in Sherwood Forest, Will still holds a deep-seated hatred for Robin Hood.

Profession… outlaw. An outcast who came into Sherwood Forest to escape the corruption of English society, Will has been a thief all his life. With the Sherriff of Nottingham taxing the poor and ruling with an iron fist, Will Scarlet is at the forefront of the rebellion against the corrupt Sheriff.

Interests… archery, sneakiness, and fighting with Robin. Will enjoys putting Robin down, often through snarky remarks.

Relationship Status… single. He certainly has a lot of young ladies calling after him, but Will hasn’t settled his eyes on any one yet.

Challenge… taking back England for the poor and hungry. With the Sheriff of Nottingham's tyranny depriving him of any real dignity, Will is forced to cooperate with Robin Hood in order to free the people from the Sheriff's reign.

Personality… sarcastic and moody. Will has secrets that he’s holding in. And until he gets them off his chest, these secrets will continue to make him angry and conflicted. Normally headstrong and slick, Will may appear conniving. But beneath this bitter exterior lies a loyal patriot and a fierce fighter.

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