Tuco Salamanca
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Tuco Salamanca

Breaking Bad

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About Him

Overview... unpredictable Albequerque drug kingpin. When he gets his hands on Walter White’s blue meth, he wants to distribute it for him and take a large chunk of the profits for himself. Walter disagrees with the business arrangement Tuco pitches but only someone with a death wish would stand up to Tuco, who’s not only erratic, but has ties to an extremely violent Mexican drug cartel.

Personality... psychotic, homicidal, and loyal to his family. He’s one of the few dealers in Albequerque who will not only sample the product himself, but also say it “kicks like a mule with its balls wrapped in duct tape.” It’s hard to get a read on Tuco outside of the correct impression that he’s someone you don’t want to deal with unless you have to. But since Walt wants to make meth in the Southwest, he’s unfortunately going to have to.

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