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Tsubomi Hanasaki

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About Her

Grew up… by herself. Since her parents were often busy with work, Tsubomi spent most of her time with only her grandmother for company. While Tsubomi put up a good front, it was a very lonely way to spend her childhood.   

Living… with her parents, in a new town. After noticing their daughter's unhappiness, Tsubomi's parents give up their old jobs to open up a flower shop in Kibougahana, where they can be closer to her. It's a new start for all of them and Tsubomi, too, is determined to "create a new self" in her new town.

Profession… middle school student and part-time magical girl. Tsubomi thought she had enough to deal with already when suddenly a fairy showed up and told her she was a PreCure, a magical warrior tasked with fighting evil. She's not so sure she's up to the task, but when lives are at stake, Tsubomi won't hesitate to transform into Cure Blossom.

Interests… flowers and plants. Growing up with her botanist grandmother, Tsubomi's always had a love for nature, especially flowers. If she could, Tsubomi would "make flowers bloom in the desolate wastes of space."

Relationship Status… single. Tsubomi's more than ready for romance – she's read plenty of romance novels, after all! – but all her crushes so far have been pretty disappointing.  

Challenge… fighting evil and saving the Great Tree of Hearts. When Chypre and Coffret ask Tsubomi to become a PreCure, it's because the defeat of the last PreCure, Cure Moonlight, has left the Great Tree of Hearts at risk. If the Tree dies, then so dies the origin of human hearts. In order to save the Tree, Tsubomi and her PreCure partner, Erika, must stop the Desert Apostles from snatching the Heart Flowers of the innocents around them.

Personality… shy, unassuming, and kind. Never incredibly self-confident by nature, Tsubomi's not sure she has what it takes to be PreCure: she's not very good at talking to people, much less fighting evil Desertarians. However, her sense of responsibility means Tsubomi refuses to leave innocents unprotected, and with Erika and her new friends to cheer her on, Tsubomi's sure she "can change, if only for a little bit."

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