Tom Reagan
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Tom Reagan

Miller's Crossing

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About Him

Living… in a city run by thugs like Leo O’Bannon and his rising rival, Johnny Caspar, since the implementation of Prohibition. As Tom puts it, “You don't hold elected office in this town. You run it because people think you run it. Once they stop thinking it, you stop running it.”

Profession… consigliore of Leo O’Bannon, a mob boss who’s taken control of the city during these dark times.Tom’s work puts him in sticky situations, but giving up bookie Bernie Bernheim seems to be a pretty small price to pay for peace. Caspar wants Bernie dead, but Leo has extended Bernie his protection – against Tom’s advice. In Tom’s view, business is business and a war’s going to hurt everybody. And a war between Leo and Caspar is inevitable unless Bernie is sacrificed. Hey, Bernie played with fire, he's got to deal with the consequences. 

Relationship Status… complicated and high-risk. Like a fool he let himself get caught up with Verna, Leo's woman. She’s also Bernie’s sister, adding to the mess. Now she's playing with both Leo and Tom and someone’s going to flinch. Tom wants Verna to quit spinning Leo in circles and pointing him where to go. If Tom told Leo about their little dance, they’d be out of his favors pretty fast. But Tom doesn’t like being played for a sucker. That game might work with Leo but it won't work with Tom.

Challenge… keeping himself alive. All Tom wanted is for Leo to give up Bernie for killing. But he didn’t, and now there’s a war. A full-blown war could go on indefinitely and leave lots of people – including Tom – dead. The Verna situation could blow up, too, leaving Tom on the outs with Leo and forcing him to find a new path with new allies, which might be even more dangerous.

Personality… level-headed and pragmatic. Tom is willing to work for both sides because the only side he really cares about is the side of staying alive. It's sick to see friends killing each other because a guy above him says so. They can't make Tom do this forever. He’s not a muscle man. He wasn't made to kill nobody. He’s not like those animals. This is not him. This is some hop dream!

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