Tom Hagen

Tom Hagen

    The Godfather
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with the Corleone family, after the death of his birth parents. He was adopted by Vito Corleone, the head of an Italian-American organized crime family. Tom got along with his adopted brothers Sonny, Michael, and Fredo, and his new sister Connie.

Living… as the “consigliere” to Don Vito Corleone. Tom is consulted on matters of business and law, sent to reason with adversaries and business partners who aren’t being very... helpful. His relationship with Michael and Sonny remains strong.

Profession… acting consigliere in the Corleone crime family. His job title is the Italian word for counselor, and as such, Tom acts as Vito Corleone’s advisor. Tom takes his job very seriously and is a professional man who is always wearing a pressed suit. 

Interests… the Corleone family. Although he isn’t related by blood, Tom has always been treated like a son by Vito, and like a brother by his siblings. He feels at home with them, and they feel at home with him.

Relationship Status… married. His wife Theresa gave him four children, but Tom also has a mistress on the side. 

Challenge… keeping the Corleone family business in working order. It becomes increasingly difficult to stay afloat when war breaks out among the crime families. Tom struggles to keep the money flowing in smoothly even though it’s anything but business as usual.

Personality… professional, stoic, and loving. Tom might not always show his affection in outward ways, but he greatly respects his family and does his work with the utmost care. He is a calm man in a crisis.


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