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Ted Crisp

Better Off Ted

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About Him

Grew up… dealing with intense pressure from his father to join the family business and become a plumber. Much to his father’s disappointment, Ted instead went to college and is now an executive at one of the largest companies in the world.

Living… in a beautiful home with his incredibly precocious daughter, Rose.

Profession… senior vice-president of the research and development division of Veridian Industries. Ted thinks he has “the best job in the world,” and is universally admired by his employees and superiors. He loves the work and excels at it, willing to undertake any project Veridian gives him – whether it’s weaponizing pumpkins or making mice (the computer kind) that can withstand 195 degree temperatures. The only downside to working at Veridian is that the company has no sense of morality, and often does things that are unabashedly evil. Ted is torn between his desire to succeed and his sense of right and wrong – but almost always ends up doing the right thing, especially after consultation with his unusually level-headed daughter.

Interests… excelling in the professional world of Veridian Industries. Ted loves to succeed and finds it immensely rewarding to do well at his job. When he’s not at work he’s dedicated to being the best Dad he can be – although it often seems that he learns more from his daughter than she learns from him.

Relationship status… single, but not actively looking. Ted’s wife left when his daughter was four to “go save the world,” something that Ted says has been “tough on Rose, and frankly not too great for the world either.” Afterwards he “used up his office affair” when he slept with Veronica Palmer, his aggressively professional boss. It’s too bad that now Ted can’t sleep with anyone else in the office without becoming known as the guy who sleeps around – because he’s finding himself increasingly attracted to Veridian’s rebellious new head of testing, Linda Zwordling.

Challenge… treading through some morally ambiguous waters. Ted is often torn between his desire to do right by the company and his desire to do well by his employees and the rest of the world – goals which often conflict. It seems that hardly a day goes by where Ted isn’t being pressured to freeze, fire, torture, or otherwise take advantage of the people who work under him.

Personality… relentlessly charming and kind. Ted is a people person. He takes a genuine interest in those around him, a trait that earns him the undying adoration of his coworkers. Ted is perpetually optimistic, and is willing to undertake almost any project, no matter how outlandish and seemingly impossible. Still, no matter how strong his desire to please his bosses, he is primarily driven by his desire to set a good, moral example for his daughter Rose. 

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