Susan Mayer
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Susan Mayer

Desperate Housewives

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About Her

Grew up… without a father. Susan was the product of an affair, though she only learned the truth about her origins as an adult. She grew up believing that her father died in the Vietnam War when, in reality, he had abandoned his mistress and child. 

Living… on Wisteria lane with her daughter Julie. They used to live with her ex-husband Karl who she married in her early twenties. After the affairs he had with a neighbor named Edie Britt, the cable woman, and his secretary Brandi, Susan finally kicked him out. And despite that Karl is a divorce attorney for a living, Susan ended up with the house and full custody. At first, it wasn't easy for Susan being a divorcee surrounded by neighbors who appear to have such happy marriages. But as Susan is finding out as she gets to know her neighbors better, appearances can be deceiving. After hearing their stories about their troubled marriages, Susan is feeling better about being divorced. 

Profession… illustrator. Susan is a talented artist who draws the images found in many children’s books. As she tells it, “I have an expensive, worthless art degree that says I know what I’m talking about!”

Interests… her daughter Julie. Susan finds comfort in her relationship with her intelligent and mature daughter. The younger Mayer often acts as the caretaker, giving Susan relationship advice and helping her in the kitchen.

Relationship Status… on the rebound. Susan has a good feeling about her new gneighbor, the plumber Mike Delfino. There was undeniable chemistry between them when they met at a wake. She just has to make sure that she gets to him before Edie Brit does.

Challenge… living with a black cloud over her head. As her late friend Mary Alice Young put it, “Where Susan Mayer went, bad luck was sure to follow.” (Yes, Mary Alice speaks from the grave. Just go with it.) She can be quite the klutz, one time even tripping over herself and ending up naked in the middle of Wisteria Lane. And she recently found out something her Mike that suggests that she may be unlucky in love again.

Personality… sweet, clumsy and charming. What Susan lacks in coordination, she makes up for in authenticity and kindness. Although her life experiences could have made her cynical and bitter, she is the opposite of that. Susan continues to be a die-hard romantic and an eternal optimist – no matter what is thrown her way. 

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