Stanley Kowalski
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Stanley Kowalski

A Streetcar Named Desire

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About Him

Grew Up… “in the greatest country on this earth and I’m proud of it,” he says to his snobby sister-in-law, who insists on treating him like a Polish immigrant. “And don’t ever call me a Pollack.”

Living… with his wife Stella, in a working-class neighborhood of New Orleans. Stanley recently returned home from serving in WWII, where the Americans put his quick temper and love of violence to use.

Profession… factory parts salesman. Despite the lack of glamour, Stanley is not ashamed of his working-class lifestyle. When his sister-in-law tries to goad him, he simply responds with an assertion of his dominance, telling Blanche, “Now just remember what Huey Long said: that every man’s a king — and I’m the king around here, don’t you forget it.”

Relationship Status… married to Stella, a dutiful wife. He is quick to anger, and never hesitates to take it out on his wife.

Challenge… getting rid of his arrogant sister-in-law. From their first meeting, Stanley disliked Blanche DuBois — and now he has a feeling that she's been lying. Behind her insults and class snobbery there’s a frightened, insecure woman trying to hide something — Stanley just needs to find out what that something is.

Personality… violent, brutish and angry. Sexist, uncultured, and proud, Stanley is a pure animal force whose machismo both repulses and attracts women.

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