Sonny Corleone
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Sonny Corleone

The Godfather

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About Him

Grew Up… the oldest son of Vito Corleone, a mafia boss. Sonny, as Vito’s heir, is set to inherit his position at the head of the family upon Vito’s passing.

Living… during the height of a war between rival crime families. The Corleone family tries to preserve its honor and prowess, but as numerous problems impede their prominence in the crime world, Sonny is charged with the responsibility of saving his family from extinction. Sonny recruits his younger brother, Michael, a fresh military man who wanted nothing to do with his family’s “business.” If there is anyone who could draw Michael back into the family, it’s Sonny.

Profession… “underboss” of his organized crime family. Sonny is Vito’s most loyal son. There was never any doubt in Sonny’s mind that he would be part of the family business. He never tried to escape it, and for that Vito is eternally grateful.

Interests… protecting the safety of his sister Connie, who has a no-good, abusive husband.

Relationship Status… married to Sandra Corleone. They have children and a happy marriage. Or the appearance of one, at least. In reality Sonny has had a secret child with his mistress.

Challenge… keeping the Corleone crime family afloat. Sonny not only wants to survive, he wants to thrive in the crime world. And he’ll do anything it takes, even coaxing Michael to “blow [someone’s] brains over [his] nice Ivy League suit.”

Personality… short-tempered,tough and brutal, but charismatic. Sonny isn’t afraid to get bloody. He’s the “acting boss” of his family, and there’s a reason for that: Sonny acts. Show him a guy who needs leaning on, and he’ll lean on him. Give him a reason to kill, and he won’t hesitate. Sonny means business.

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