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Grew Up... the only daughter in an intimidating family. Shiv’s parents are wealthy British aristocrat Caroline Collingwood and bullish businessman Logan Roy. The only people who truly understand her intense childhood are her brothers Connor, Kendall, and Roman.

Living... with absurd wealth, in New York City.

Visiting... anywhere a private car, helicopter, jet, or yacht can go.

Profession... political consultant and shareholder of her father’s company, Waystar Royco. Waystar is the fifth-largest media conglomerate in the world, with branches including a TV news station, amusement parks, and cruise ships. While Roman and Kendall went into the family business, Shiv has tried to carve out her own path by becoming a political consultant. However, her role as a shareholder—not to mention her complex relationship to her family—means she’s never fully out of the Waystar Royco world.

Interests... politics, expensive booze, and a great power suit.

Relationship Status... engaged to Tom Wamsgans. Though Shiv and Tom genuinely seem to love each other, their relationship is a strategic one too. He wants to move up within her father’s company and she’s in a position to help him—all while getting a loyal inside man in the process. However, when Shiv starts working alongside her ex-boyfriend, Nate Sofrelli, she realizes she might not be a “one-man forever” gal.

Challenge... figuring out whether she wants to fit in or standout from her family. Shiv is intrigued by a new liberal presidential candidate named Gil Eavis, but working with him would put her in direct opposition to her family’s conservative politics. Meanwhile, a Waystar Royco power struggle between Logan and Kendall raises tensions even higher. Shiv has to figure out where her allegiances truly lie.

Personality... poised, intelligent, and strategic. Shiv often comes across as the most relaxed, reasonable member of her family. She’s smart and savvy and has a level of emotional maturity that her brothers lack. Yet, like all the Roy siblings, Shiv has deep insecurities that stem from a desire to impress her cold, distant father. Though she tries to project a sense of total confidence, she can be tentative for fear of making a mistake. She knows the smartest way to answer a tricky question is often, “We'll make a decision and get back to you shortly.”

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