Sheriff of Nottingham
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Sheriff of Nottingham

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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Grew Up… with some noble blood. However, because the Sheriff is not of royal blood, he would have to marry into the royal family if he wanted to eventually become king – something which just be what the diabolical Sheriff is planning.

Living… as the de facto ruler of Nottingham and its surrounding lands. With Richard the Lionheart away on a Crusade, the Sheriff recruits a small army and kills nearby nobles – including the father of Robin of Locksley. When Robin returns from the Crusade to find his father dead, he swears to thwart the Sheriff’s evil rule and take back the land for the needy. As a result, Robin puts quite a thorn in the Sheriff’s side, proving to be the Sheriff's biggest obstacle to his plans of domination.   

Profession… sheriff, of Nottingham. Normally, this would mean keeping order and bringing criminals to justice. But when this Sheriff sees the opportunity to take more power, he jumps at it, with no regard for the people under his care.

Interests… the occult, young women, taxes, and wealth. A superstitious man, the Sheriff employs the witch Mortianna, an old woman who warns him about Robin Hood and “the painted man” traveling with him.

Relationship Status… single. Although he has young women for just about every day of the week, the Sheriff has his heart set on the Maid Marian, a relation of Richard the Lionheart. If he can marry her, the Sheriff would be one step closer to the throne.

Challenge… ascending the throne. Besides snagging Marian, this means also killing Robin Hood and his merry men, whose habit of stealing from the rich and giving to the needy is making them heroes with the peasants – and plummeting the Sheriff’s popularity in exchange.

Personality… scheming, evil, and angry. A bit of a lit fuse, the Sheriff can be a real sourpuss to boot – when he wants to punish his people for siding with Robin Hood he threatens to “call off Christmas!”

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