Shaolin Fantastic
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Shaolin Fantastic

The Get Down

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About Him

Living… in a small apartment in 1970’s New York – specifically, in the Bronx. It’s not strictly legal. The building is abandoned, but the water hasn’t been turned off yet, and Shaolin has jerry-rigged a way to get electricity.

Profession… drug dealer. Shaolin pays the bills by selling drugs for Fat Annie, who runs this corner of the Bronx. He’s also a well-known graffiti artist.

Interests… hip hop and street art. Among some Bronx youth, Shaolin is legendary for his graffiti, especially the daring with which he seeks out new places to tag. But his real love now is the new genre of hip-hop, which is just beginning to surge in underground clubs in New York.

Relationship Status… mentee to the man himself, Grandmaster Flash. One of the heavies of hip-hop history, Grandmaster Flash has taken Shaolin under his wing and promises to show him the secrets of hip-hop, including the “get down,” the section of a song with the most infectious beat. That relationship is more important to him than any romance.

Challenge… assembling the perfect crew to take over the new hip-hop scene. Shaolin can spin records, but he doesn’t have the words to accompany the music, and that’s half the battle – or the whole battle, since rap battles are a big part of the scene. When he meets Zeke Figuero, a younger kid also from the Bronx, he knows he’s found his wordsmith. But can the Get Down Brothers rise to the top?

Personality… eccentric, enigmatic, and energetic. Shaolin has undeniable talents, and he pursues his passions with single-minded intensity. He runs the streets with agility and flair, frequently copying the style of kung-fu movies, incorporating flips and rolls. He rarely shows vulnerability and relies on a cool, mysterious exterior, except when he reveals his passion for hip-hop.

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