Seymour Parrish
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Seymour Parrish

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About Him

Living… a solitary life. Seymour’s loneliness is tangible to anyone who listens to him (which is not many people). He lives alone in a sterile apartment whose only decoration is a bizarre (and disturbing) photo collage of his favorite customers, the Yorkin family.

Profession… “P.O.S. mini-lab worker,” or, in other words, a One Hour Photo guy at a large chain drugstore called SavMart. It's hardly glamorous, but Seymour – or “Sy” as Sarah Yorkin calls him – considers it “an important job.” Unlike his coworkers, Sy treats the job with reverence, processing "photos as if they were my own.”

Interests… the family that he never had. Seymour harbors what seems to be an unhealthy obsession with the Yorkin family. After feeding his pet hamster every night, he spends his time mindlessly flipping channels and admiring his Yorkin family collage.

Relationship Status… absolutely none. Sy lacks any kind of meaningful human relationship, much less a romantic one. As a result, he's withdrawn him into a fantasy world, where he often daydreams about being “Uncle Sy” to the Yorkin’s young son, Jake.

Challenge… finding some meaning in his life. While Seymour takes pride in his work, his job isn't enough to make him happy. The only thing that he wants is to be a part of a family. And he’ll go to extraordinary means to make himself a part of the Yorkin’s.

Personality… odd, lonely, and desperate for love. Sy’s every remark contains a wistful sadness born of a deep longing for companionship, but Sy's eccentric personality often prevents others from befriending him.

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