Scout Finch

Scout Finch

    To Kill a Mockingbird
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in racially segregated Alabama. It's been decades since slavery was abolished, but 1930s America is still deeply racist – with Jim Crow laws nowhere more powerful than they are in the South.

Living... in Maycomb, Alabama. Scout's mother died before she could remember her, but she's happy enough living with her father, her older brother, and their African-American housekeeper, Calpurnia.

Profession... part-time student. Though she's an avid reader and initially excited for the prospect of attending school, Scout finds the actual experience oddly disappointing. After all her dreams of books and adventure, school turns out to be nothing but strict teachers and boring rules.

Interests... reading, exploring, and rough-housing. Scout's a tomboy, and when she's not picking fights with older boys, she's "usually mud-splashed or covered with sand."

Relationship Status... engaged. Her friend, Dill, tells Scout, "he would love me forever, and I shouldn't worry, he would come get me and marry me as soon as he got enough money together." But since he's only seven, that might take some time.

Challenge... growing up. Scout's only six, so she still has plenty of time before adulthood hits. But events in Maycomb are forcing her to mature faster than most children. Tom Robinson, an African-American man, has been accused of raping a white woman, and race tensions are coming to a head as the date of his trial approaches. Scout's father is acting as Robinson's attorney, but even Atticus's formidable skills may not be enough to prove Robinson innocent to a deeply racist court. 

Personality... feisty, tomboyish, and innocent. At six, Scout might be bright, but she's still very much in the process of learning about the world around her. It's not a completely pleasant world, but with mentors like her father behind her, Scout stands a good chance of doing well in it.


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