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Sarah Cooper

The Big Chill

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About Her

Overview… a doctor and a family woman. Sarah lives in Richmond, Virginia, and has a young son with her husband Harold, whom she met as an undergrad at the University of Michigan. When their old friend Alex commits suicide during his stay at their South Carolina beach house, she and Harold invite their group of college buddies to spend the weekend there after the funeral, to remember Alex and relive the old college days.

Personality… loyal, responsible, and fun-loving. She may be a responsible mother, but Sarah is not afraid to let her hair down, shake her rump, and smoke a little dope. At the same time, her maternal instincts are powerful. If you suffer a fall or accidentally cut yourself, you want Sarah in close proximity ­– she’s the quickest draw in the South when it comes to whipping out the ‘ol first-aid kit.

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Sarah Cooper
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