Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in the 60s in Towson, Maryland. He would later earn a degree in political science from the U.S. Navy before becoming an elite Navy Seal.

Living... in Falls Church, Virginia. But he also spends much of his time aboard the C-147B Paladin, a military transport aircraft that now serves as his private base of operations.

Profession... commander of Fourth Echelon. Sam was once a member of a secret covert operations unit called Third Echelon. However, after they were comprised from within, Sam became the leader of a new, similar unit called Fourth Echelon that only answers to the President.

Interests... seeing his daughter. Sam’s secretive, dangerous spy lifestyle means he can’t spend as much time with his daughter Sarah as he’d like to. It’s for her for own safety. But he does try to talk to her whenever he can find the time.

Relationship Status... divorced. In the mid-80s, Sam married NSA cryptanalyst Regan Burns. However, they divorced three years later, and in 2000, Regan died of ovarian cancer.

Challenge... stealthily keeping America safe. Sam is a master spy who quietly performs the tasks that no one else can. Whether it’s retrieving sensitive data, infiltrating terrorist cells, or unraveling conspiracies, Sam takes care of it from the shadows.

Personality... gruff. Sam’s been in the spy game for over 20 years. He knows many secrets and it’s taken a lot out of him. As he says, “The nation I protect can never admit that I exist.” But even though he seems terse and easily annoyed, he does greatly care for his family and his country.


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