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Roy McAvoy

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Living… in Salome, Texas. It’s a place where owning a driving range brings has its perks. Equity, inventory, cash flow... not to mention an enhanced stature in the community, and prepaid membership in the Salome Chamber of Commerce.

Profession… golfer. He takes it seriously too, philosophizing, “There's an infinite amount of wisdom you need to learn about a swing before you become a master. […The golfer] has asserted his oneness with and power over the universe by willing a golf ball to go where he wants and how and when, because that is what the golf swing is about...It is about gaining control of your life, and letting go at the same time.”

Relationship Status… smitten by Molly. From the moment he first saw her he knew he was through with bar girls and strippers and motorcycle chicks. It’s only grown from there—he thinks about her every day, and the fact that she knows he’s full of crap only makes her more attractive to him.

Challenge… living up to his potential. If he’s such a legendary golfer as everyone says, then why is he, at his age, out in the middle of nowhere operating a barely solvent establishment? Why’s he ducking the I.R.S. and worried about collecting a few pathetic dollars to buy his next six-pack, when he’s capable of so much more?

Personality… good-for-nothing, except golf. But he isn’t just some jerk driving-range pro who drinks too much. He says, “Greatness courts failure. That's why most people, in their whole lives, never ever reach for the brass ring, never know when to dig deep and try for the impossible shot.” For Roy, that time has just arrived.



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