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Roseanne Conner


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Living… in Lanford, Illinois, with her husband, Dan, and four (eventually) children. The Conner household is always a few steps from all-out chaos. This is partly because Roseanne is not your typical homemaker – not by any stretch. She’s not the type of woman who won’t put up with any messiness; in fact she usually just ignores it.

Profession… ever-changing. She was a worker at the Wellman Plastics factory but left after a change in management and a failed walkout. Then came a period of unemployment, followed by stints as a fast-food employee, a telemarketer, a bartender, and a hair sweeper at a beauty salon. It might not always seem it at any given time, but Roseanne’s career path generally trends upward.

Interests… parenting, gossip and relaxation. Roseanne loves to be up on the lives of her children and her sister Jackie, yet she also relishes the few moments she gets to be without them. She shows interest in their love lives and struggles with broaching adult issues like sex and birth control with them. She mainly supports others in their interests – whether it’s her daughter Darlene’s passion for writing or Jackie’s interest in community theater.

Relationship Status… married to Dan Conner. Together they face the hardships of the typical American household – poverty, obesity, and domestic troubles. The difference with Dan and Roseanne is that they get through it all with humor. There is a grounded, mutual respect between them that makes most obstacles wither away. They have a real partnership and are not afraid to be vulnerable with each other.

Challenge… helping her kids follow their dreams. Roseanne is overjoyed when Darlene shows a knack for writing, but she’s worried that her daughter won’t follow up with her ambitions. In truth, Roseanne sees too much of herself in Darlene. Roseanne’s personal struggles usually revolve around weight and employment. She also wants to find a way to maintain the household without being relegated to the standards of a typical “housewife.”

Personality… controlling. Roseanne’s friends and family routinely call her out for being bossy and trying to control their lives. She frequently gives uninvited criticism and advice, on trivial matters like fashion or more serious matters like career choices. She’s loud, domineering, and sarcastic. But at her core, Roseanne is deeply invested in the well-being of her family and friends.

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