American Dad!
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on Earth since 1947. Roger, an alien, likes life on our little planet. Frankly, he’s got more power here than he did back at home, where he worked as a greeter at a retail store. Now, he lives with the Smith family in Langley Falls, Virginia.

Profession… house alien. Roger belongs to Steve Smith, and was originally given to the young Steve as a sort of pet. Today, Roger is just another member of the family – though he can’t leave the house for fear that government forces will recapture him. 

Interests… soap operas, junk food, and any mind-altering substance he can get his hands on. Roger is a self-described alcoholic: “Wine lover right here! Also a heroin lover in case any wants to schedule a poppy tour. Huge heroin fan. Don’t use it, just like being around it. Study it. Appreciate it. Use it sometimes.”

Relationship Status… single and ready to mingle with anything that moves (or doesn’t). Roger identifies as a “fey pansexual alcoholic non-human.” That’s correct: Roger is attracted to men, women, animals and inanimate objects.

Challenge… getting out of the house a bit more. Since Roger is forbidden from leaving the Smith residence, he’s taken to becoming a master of disguise. He has a long list of convincing alter egos. He once successfully impersonated Kevin Bacon, going so far as to abuse the power that his star-status gave him.

Personality… immature, raunchy, and wild. Roger will do just about anything to get what he wants, including lie, cheat or steal. His vindictiveness knows no bounds.


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