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Living… on Destiny Islands. Riku lives with his best friends Sora and Kairi, and they spend all day playing without a care in the world. They’ve never known anything beyond their idyllic little island, though one day they’d like to explore the outside world.

Visiting… mysterious new worlds. When a bizarre storm hits, the island is attacked by strange shadowy creatures called the Heartless. That opens a door to the outside world, and Riku and his friends are sucked through to another world.

Profession… Keyblade wielder. Riku has the ability to use the magical Keyblade weapon like his friend Sora, though he is more susceptible to the forces of Darkness around him. When he arrives in a strange new world, he is taken under the wing of the evil Maleficent, who manipulates him into believing that Sora has betrayed him and Kairi.

Interests… hanging out with his friends. Before Riku was swept up into a new world, he loved nothing more than relaxing in the sun and competing with Sora.

Relationship Status… single. Riku is probably too cool for romance, and he’s just a young kid anyway. His closest relationships are with his best friends Kairi and Sora.

Challenge… fighting off the Darkness that’s beginning to consume him. Now that Maleficent is controlling him, Riku has been acting very strange. He’s a good person deep down, but the power of the Darkness is very enticing.

Personality… cool, fearless, and jealous. Riku is very protective and loyal to his friends, but he gets jealous very easily, especially when Sora begins spending all his time with Donald Duck and Goofy. He thinks Sora has abandoned his real friends, and begins to grow resentful. Though easily manipulated, Riku is not afraid of anything, and is willing to put up a fight if it means saving those he cares about.

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