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Rhonda Lyon


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About Her

Living... in New York with her husband Andre.

Profession... creative director for a lifestyle company called Whitney Lane. Like Andre, Rhonda graduated from Wharton Business School and worked her way up into an executive position.

Interests... plotting and having kinky sex with her husband. Really. Nothing seems to turn Rhonda on more than seeing Andre engage in some... untoward... acts in an attempt to secure his place at the top of Empire Entertainment, his family’s music label.

Relationship Status... married. However, Rhonda is not against allowing her husband have the occasional tryst if it helps him in the competition for Lucious Lyon's heir as Empire CEO, now that Lucious has been diagnosed with ALS. Given that Andre must battle his more musically inclined brothers Jamal and Hakeem for the post – and that Lucious has never particularly cared for him even as a child – Andre needs every edge he can get.

Challenge... keeping Andre in line. Her husband suffers from bipolar disorder and has lately been skipping out on taking his medication. Therefore, Rhonda has to keep pushing the quickly unraveling Andre to go to the doctor to re-calibrate his medication. As she tells him, DzFor most people cancelling a doctor's appointment is just lazy. For someone who is bipolar, it's life-threatening. And your life is mine.dz Despite her constantly pushing Andre to be more definitive in waging a war against his brothers for Empire, his health is her primary concern.

Personality... smart, devious, and loyal. Rhonda is a ride-or-die woman who definitely stands by her man, no matter what. She sees potential in Andre that none of his family really acknowledges, and he really trusts her because of that. Brilliant and manipulative, she uses her influence over him to encourage him to turn on his brothers in order to run Empire. Throwing around little quips such as Dzlook at your brother showing off again,dz Rhonda knows how to use Andre's greatest insecurities to make him act. A modern day Lady Macbeth, there is more to Rhonda than meets the eye – and those who underestimate her are bound to suffer.

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Rhonda Lyon
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