Principal Skinner
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Principal Skinner

The Simpsons

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About Him

Grew Up… fighting for the freedom of his great nation; Skinner served during the Vietnam War. Scarred by his experiences, he’ll sometimes go into a post-traumatic monologue reminiscing his time as a prisoner of war – even in the presence of his elementary school students.

Living… with his mother in Springfield. Though he feels a little pathetic about it, he’s strangely dependent upon her. He even lets her call him “Spanky.” If this shame isn’t enough, he has to go to work where he is treated like a loser by students and superintendents alike. 

Profession… elementary school principal. He runs the school like a military unit, but alas Springfield Elementary is full of insubordinate “officers” and a bunch of kids running around like buffoons.

Interests… referring to bad little boys as “young man,” serving his school with honor, and stealing people’s identities during the haze of war.

Relationship Status… single – by day. Behind closed doors he carries on a secret romance with Mrs. Krabappel, a teacher at his school. But under the veneer of a supposedly happy liaison, their relationship is constantly on the rocks as Mrs. Krabappel battles Skinner’s mother for the largest place in his heart. The fate of their future together depends on Skinner’s ability to let his mother go and be his own man.

Challenge… Superintendent Chalmers. As head honcho of Springfield Elementary, Skinner is held responsible for everything that goes on within its walls – which means that any time a rotten student like Bart Simpson hatches a plan to ruin the school’s credibility, Principal Skinner gets the blame. Superintendent Chalmers is never short on reasons to fire Skinner during every school inspection.

Personality… straight-laced and by the book. His years as a military man taught him discipline. And even though he can’t seem to whip his unit (Springfield Elementary) into shape, he never gives up the good fight. His concern for the well-being of an underfunded, understaffed education system is his saving grace. At the end of the day, Seymour Skinner is a sympathetic man and a victim of the times we live in.

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