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Pinky and the Brain

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About Him

Overview… happy-go-lucky lab rat. The scientists at ACME Laboratories genetically modified Pinky to enhance his cognitive functions, though he ended up significantly less intelligent than his cage-mate Brain. Though Pinky is always eager to assist Brain on the latter’s quest for world domination, he is not usually of much help because his head is perpetually in the clouds pondering the most random topics. For example, the baseball player Pete Rose.

Personality… earnest, silly, cheerful, gung-ho, and good-natured. There isn’t one mean bone in Pinky’s body. He brushes off Brain’s verbal and physical abuse as if it never happened. His voracious appetite for trivia – his specialty is cheese – both satisfies and fuels his active imagination. He is arguably in dire need of a Ritalin prescription, although he’s probably better off without it, living every day in blissful ignorance.

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