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Peppy Hare

Star Fox

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About Him

Overview… a rabbit and pilot on the Star Fox mercenary team. Peppy is the oldest member of Star Fox, and was on the original team with Fox McCloud’s father, James McCloud. He now provides guidance to Fox, the team’s new, young leader. Together, Peppy and his teammates aim to search out and defeat the evil genius Andross and save the Lylat System.

Personality… wise, straight-laced, and level-headed. Peppy often acts as the voice of reason for the sometimes cocky Fox, advising and guiding him. He advises Fox on long-term strategic decisions as well as combat maneuvers – he’s helpful, but Fox think he’s a bit of a nag sometimes. Still, the two are deeply committed to each other, and ever since the death of James McCloud, Peppy is the closest thing Fox has to a father.

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