Pedro Sanchez
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Pedro Sanchez

Napoleon Dynamite

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About Him

Overview… the new kid. Pedro recently moved from the turbulent Mexican city of Juarez to the rural town of Preston, Idaho, and enrolled in the local high school, where he is the only minority student. He is not exactly a hit with his peers at first and he hangs out primarily with Napoleon Dynamite, the school’s resident alpha-nerd. But then he decides to run for class president against the attractive blonde cheerleader Summer Wheatley. With Napoleon at his side, anything could happen.

Personality… shy, unconfident, and sedate. Pedro’s thick Mexican accent compounds his weak grasp of American culture and seemingly congenital lack of charisma. But what he lacks in charm he makes up for in his ability to grow a full-blown moustache almost overnight. He also has a pair of cool cousins who ride around Preston in their low rider to back him up. Cool cousins or not, though, Pedro is constantly overheating. As far as he’s concerned, it’s always “kinda warm in here.”

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