Paul Finch
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Paul Finch

American Pie

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About Him

Grew Up… much faster than most of his peers. Finch sees himself as a sophisticated and precocious young man who is far beyond his years. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, especially when it comes to his foul-mouthed rival, Steve Stifler.

Living… in western Michigan, a place that Finch sees as bereft of culture. The urbane Finch can’t wait to get out of the Midwest and into the sophisticated world of New York City, where he will attend NYU.

Profession... high school student. Finch is very eager to be able to flip that to “college student” in a few months.

Interests… literature, art and philosophy. Finch always has a deep quotation ready to deploy at any moment. He knows that he’s above Stifler’s vulgar insults, and often retorts by quoting Voltaire, “A witty saying proves nothing.”

Relationship Status… chasing his dream woman, Stifler’s Mom. Finch has always had a thing for the acknowledged “MILF,” much to Steve Stifler’s chagrin.

Challenge… losing his virginity before the end of high school. Finch can’t go off to NYU as a pathetic and inexperienced virgin. In order to accomplish this, he and his best friends – Jim, Kevin and Oz – have made a pact to pop their cherries on prom night.

Personality… down to earth despite his taste for the finer things. He is cultivated without being pretentious, and is always loyal to his closest friends. As he puts it, “Love life, get paid, then get laid. That’s the basic philosophy of… The Finch-meister!”

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