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Living... in the afterlife. Otonashi died in some form of traumatic accident in life, causing memory loss in death. At first Otonashi cannot even remember his first name, leaving him lost and confused when he wakes up in the middle of what at first seems to be a war-torn high school where no one can die because they are already dead.

Visiting... the organization currently named the “Not Yet Dead Battlefront.” The Battlefront is made up of most of the humans in the afterlife who are fighting to continue their existence and find a good name for their group of rule breakers. Their enemy is the student body president, who they call “Angel,” who tries to “obliterate” humans from the afterlife by having them follow the school rules. Otonashi originally isn’t too keen on fighting Angel, who to him “looks like a normal girl,” but is taking shelter with the Battlefront until he regains his memories.

Profession...“newbie.” Despite the fact that Otonashi cannot remember his skills from whatever he did in life, he frequently gets put on front-line missions by the Battlefront. He does surprisingly well at them despite the fact he has difficulty firing at Angel – mostly for moral reasons.

Interests... staying alive... or dead, rather. At first Otonashi is willing to follow the school rules that Angel enforces, so he can vanish from the afterlife. But after being warned that he “might get reborn as a barnacle” he has decided to continue his current existence – at least until he remembers who exactly he is existing as.

Relationship Status... single. But Otonashi is willing to try to see the humanity in Angel and empathize with how she seems “painfully lonesome,” when everyone else just remembers how many times she has stabbed them. This might just be his kindness or sense of justice, but he does care about her quite a bit.

Challenge... trying to “buy time to get [his] memories back.” That’s how he puts it, anyway. In the meantime he must deal with the many eccentric characters in the Battlefront, and try to figure out exactly what is going on in this strange and violent afterlife that takes the form of a high school.

Personality... skeptical and a loner, but also kind and incredibly selfless. Though physical death is mostly meaningless in the afterlife, the residents of this odd high school can still feel pain, yet Otonashi will gladly sacrifice himself to save someone else. Otonashi is also a great listener, willing to lend an ear to the tragic life stories of those around him, and help them try to find solace in death.

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