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Grew Up… as a young nobleman in England, during the late years of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign. Orlando had the run of his family’s large estate, and frequently used it to seek solitude for reading.

Living… unmoored in time. Though born in the 1500s, Orlando hovers at the age of 30 or so all the way through the centuries until modern days.

Profession… depends on the time. Orlando has been a page at the Elizabethan court, a writer, an ambassador, and more. As times change, so do his positions. Orlando doesn’t get too attached.

Interests… reading and writing. Ever since boyhood, Orlando has been infected with a passion for reading every kind of literature, and that love of reading transferred to a love of writing. It’s Orlando’s goal to publish a respected piece of writing, a goal which earns both ridicule and praise.

Challenge… navigating both time and gender. Not only is Orlando seemingly immortal, at the age of 30-ish he woke up and found he had been transformed into a woman. Now Orlando must accustom herself to life in a different body, as well as the changing society around her. On top of that, she dreams of becoming a published writer.

Personality… dreamy, passionate, and easy-going all at once. Although most people would take a sex change and sudden immortality pretty hard, Orlando seems unperturbed by her fate. More frustrating are her challenges in love and literature, which she pursues with a kind of poetic energy that leads her to ecstatic highs and depressive lows. Overall, she is a dynamic, intelligent person with a tendency to daydream and a love of solitude.

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