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Mylene Cruz

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About Her

Living… with her mother and father in the Bronx in 1970’s New York.

Profession… high school student. She also sings in her father’s church.

Interests… music and singing. Mylene’s greatest desire is to become a singer. She loves popular music, like disco, but her father is a pastor, and thinks disco and its accompanying culture of clubs and dancing are a temptation to sin. He forbids her from singing or even listening to the music.

Relationship Status… single, and happy that way. She knows that her friend Zeke has a crush on her, but she is concentrated on advancing her singing career and doesn’t have time to focus on romance. If she ever is looking for a man, as she puts it, “I’m gonna be with a man that has goals, and has a plan.”

Challenge… getting around her father’s restrictions and starting her singing career. Mylene would do almost anything to be able to be a singer, including venturing to dangerous areas or asking her uncle – a “well-connected” businessman named Papa Fuerte – for help, against her father’s wishes.

Personality… intelligent, creative, and determined.  Mylene’s whole life is her singing career, and she doesn’t have time for people who waste their talent or who are impeding her progress. That said, she cares about her friends and can laugh and have fun like any other high school student. She’s just more driven than most girls her age.

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